Procedures for registering an employer in the public sector

- To register employers in the public sector, a letter from the Ministry and local government departments and the applicable service system shall be sent to the GPSSA.

- For government institutions, a letter attached to it must be sent with a decree establishing the institution, and a list of personnel affairs, which clarifies the level of powers for recruitment, promotion and termination of service, as well as a schedule of grades, salaries, allowances and increase.

- The GPSSA shall allocate a subscription number for each employer in the government sector represented in the ministries, departments, bodies, public institutions and public companies, which is referred to in all transactions with the GPSSA.

Procedures for registering an employer in the private sector:

To register private business owners, the following are required:

1. Fill in the Employer Registration Form No. (5), with the commitment of the employer's signature and the seal of the establishment. The following documents must be attached to the form:

The approved commercial license issued by the competent authorities to the employer.

The commercial registration of the Employer.

The establishment's card at the Ministry of Labor.

2. Form No. (6): A detailed statement form on the wages of the insured persons in the private sector for the month of hiring the first insured person. This shall be done in January every year.

3. Filling out the Contributions Deduction Form of the insured in the private sector, which shows the amount deducted (5%), share of the insured, and (12.5%) employer's share of the establishment monthly.

The GPSSA shall allocate a subscription number for each employer in the private sector to be referred to in all transactions submitted to the GPSSA after completion of the previous steps.


Procedures for registering insureds with the private and government sectors

Each employer shall be obliged to register the insured persons appointed at their institutions within a maximum period of one month from the date of employment. The GPSSA shall be provided with the following documents:

  1. Form of start of insured service - Form No. (1) prepared by the GPSSA (three copies).
  2. The decision or procedure of appointment or contract of employment, as is the case for each sector for the governmental sector. For the private sector, the origin of the employment contract is approved by the Ministry of Labor (three copies).
  3. Copy of the family book.
  4. Copy of the passport.
  5. Copy of birth certificate, or age estimate.
  6. Copy of the medical test upon employment for the governmental sector. For the private sector, the origin of the approved medical test application form.
  7. Copy of identity for all transactions.

After completing the file of the insured it is registered with the GPSSA and is assigned an insurance number, a number determined by the GPSSA for each insured and maintained by the insured throughout the career of the entities subject to the GPSSA, where he takes with him to move from one employer to another.

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