The Medical Insurance Benefits and utilities

Health Insurance Committee for Dubai Government employees aims at modernizing, developing and raising the level of health insurance benefits through Enaya program. Medical services, available in Dubai Health Authority (DHA)'s health facilities, are based on the four basic pillars of quality, effectiveness, patients' needs and efficiency of health professionals.

DHA seeks to improve the level of health services and increase its effectiveness. A key aspect of the strategic plan for health services focuses on the needs of patient in addition to attracting, retaining and supporting highly qualified cadres.

Enaya Program covers 39 departments in Dubai Government and more than 90 thousand beneficiaries of Dubai government employees and their families. They get high-quality services from DHA facilities in the government sector and more than 1,000 service provider in the private sector in the Emirate of Dubai and beyond.

Key features of Enaya Program:

- Maternity care: Enaya Program pays special attention to mothers and pregnant women from the beginning of pregnancy to the postpartum period. Unlike other insurance programs, there is no waiting period for this benefit within Enaya Program.

- Pre-existing Conditions & Chronic Diseases

- Disease Prevention

- Complete coverage of routine periodic checkups and vaccines


Other important benefits:

Patients Protection: Some medical cases are referred to specialists at DHA to get another medical opinion, in order not to endanger the beneficiaries and avoid any unnecessary procedures.

As for benefits, it includes several encouraging points top of which is geographic coverage. This means that employees will continue benefiting from insurance wherever they are in the world, and especially in the United States and Canada. Speech-Language Therapy is considered the most prominent point in the benefits, covering up to 12 sessions for each member annually in medically necessary situations and subject to a participation rate of 20%.

Newborns are covered within maternity coverage immediately after birth until leaving the hospital. New baby insurance policy starts immediately after birth and is subject to terms and conditions of maturity and addendum application within five business days from the date of birth. Diseases and congenital disorders are covered and subject to a participation rate of 20%.

It also cover immunological and/or immune therapy along with hearing loss and is subject to a participation rate of 20%.

Medical assistive devices and audio devices are also covered, including, but not limited to, accessories related to orthopedic surgery, leg assistive devices, wheel chairs and medical beds. It is subject to a participation rate of 50%.

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